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The LAST Table earns “Excellence in Innovation” Bronze Medal

Summer sports and dehydration

Case Study: Dodge City Community College

Athletic trainer vs. personal trainer...what's the difference?

Importance of Sleep in Athletes

Help prevent ACL tears with these exercises

Prehabilitation- A forward-thinking approach to injury prevention

A Powerful Combination

Tips to Help Student Athletes Reach Peak Performance

5 Qualities of the Best Athletic Trainers

More Chiropractic Care? Professional Athletes Say Yes

Building a strength and conditioning program

Clearing up the term "athletic trainer"

A Guide to Stench Control by Pro Stock Hockey

Qualified Athletic Trainers Needed at Every High School

Locker Room Crime

Guarding Athletic Locker Rooms Against MRSA

Why Use Massage Therapy?

The Athletic Edge: Wood Locker Options

The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act

Stronger, Faster: Why Athletic Trainers Should Be Using Whole Body Vibration

Choosing Your Lockers

Alternative Athletic Training Settings

Lockers for Any Facility

Get Your TEAM EDGE Products Through Your Favorite Dealer

The Athletic Edge: Innovation

Locker Room Storage

The Athletic Edge: Customizable Upholstery & Proper Care

The Drivers of Locker Room Renovations

The "Big Six" Health Club Mistakes

The SmartCart- University of Oregon Overview

Clemson University Training Room

Inside the Modern Team Locker Room

The SmartCart Earns “Excellence in Innovation” Gold Medal

How Lock Technologies Are Making Life Easier in Locker Rooms

The Athletic Edge Reveals Lastest Portable Workstation

The Next Big Thing in Sports Data: Predicting (and Avoiding) Injuries

Top Trends: Reinventing the Locker Room

Suit Yourself: Locker Rooms to Fit Your Facility

The Surprising Factor Driving College Football Recruits' College Decision

Mentally Preparing Athletes to Return to Play Following Injury

Sacred Heart University Football Locker Room

Athletic Edge Announces Release of New Leg and Shoulder Treatment Cabinet

Effects of Massage Therapy For Athletes

Bringing Massage Therapy Into the Athletic Training Room

Six Elements of an Effecient Locker Room

Fluid Motion Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Too Busy to Workout? Whole Body Vibration Has That Solved

Digging Into Trigger Points

Roll Out to Ease Those Aching Muscles

How Whole Body Vibration Exercise Can Help You

Soft Tissue Treatment in Athletic Injuries

Southern Oregon University: The Athletic Edge On & Off the Field

A Look at Sports Massage Therapy

University of Wyoming: Athletic Edge Lockers

Lower Back Pain: Weight Training Without Hurting Yourself

Preventing ACL Tears: 4 Tips for Girls and Women

The Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

Baseball Related Hamstring Injuries May be Preventable

Concussions & Kids- Mind the Signs

Pivotal Health Solutions Named Master Distributor of Niel Asher Education

The Athletic Edge and NormaTec Partner to Develop the Newest Training Room Innovation

The Athletic Edge Announces Quick Ship Program

Why You Should Use Whole Body Vibration With Every Patient

Athletes: Do’s and Don’ts of Stretching

Tennis Elbow

The Athletic Edge and Medco Sports Medicine Announce New Partnership

Corporate Fitness Centers Are Booming

New Tech Helps Detect Injuries

Gender Neutral Locker Rooms?

Tennessee Tech Soars High Thanks to The Athletic Edge

Texas A&M Plays “Smart” Thanks to The Athletic Edge™

Billing for Laser Therapy

Girls Suffer More Overuse Injuries in Teen Sports

Analyze Athletes' Injuries, Performance With New Tech

Is Diet Leading to Injured Athletes?

Tape or Laser: Which Comes First?

Better Together: Taping and Laser

After the Cheers, What's Next for Your Athletes?

Immediate Removal of Safety Gear After Injury? Experts Say Yes

"Brains" Talking About Brains: Concussion Conference Promises Results

First Female Athletic Trainer in Club History Joins 49ers

Move Laser Forward as a Treatment for Brain Injuries

Thinking Through Return to Play Decisions

If You Build It: New SmartCart Wins on Sidelines

The Athletic Edge Debuts Aluma Elite Product Line

How Your FitBit Can Help Treat Concussions

Plantar Fasciitis? Maybe Not, So Don’t Ice It!

Athletic Injury? There's an App for That

The Dreaded ACL Tear--And How to Recover

As American Sports Skew More Armcentric, Throwing Injuries Rise

The Importance of STUDENT Athletes

Work With High School Athletic Associations to Promote Safety

Digging Deeper Into Myofascial Pain

New Mental Health Guidelines for Young Athletes

Condition the Kinetic Chain, Not the Segment, to Restore Function

Subacromial Syndrome with Low Level Laser

Epidemic of Athletic Injuries Hits Young Athletes

Stop Minor Injuries Before They Become Major With Soft Tissue Tools

In Practice: The LAST Table

A Leg and Shoulder Therapy Table Fit for Athletes

Study: Brand, Age of Helmet Doesn't Impact Concussion Risk

The Future of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Blackberry Meets Band-Aid

Locker Room Trends

Colleges Add "Wow" Factor With Locker Room Renovations

Caffeine Gives Athletes a Boost, But Don't Overdo It

Sugary Sports Drinks Causing Athlete Slow Down?

Recover After a Big Race

Who's Liable for Youth Sports Injuries?

The ATC & Super Bowl Sunday

Report Urges Planning Now to Curb Youth Sports Injuries

PHS Therapeutics Proudly Launches the Leg and Shoulder Therapy Table

Pivotal Health Announce Marketing Agreement With Wellness Mats

Pivotal Health Solutions, Inc. and Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools, Inc. announce global sales and marketing agreement.

Olympic Runners Use Laser Therapy

Kinesiology Taping, Part Two

Minnehaha Country Club

Kinesiology Taping, Part One

Henry Schein Announce Sales and Marketing Arrangement

Hot or Cold?

The Best Locker Room in the NFL?

Sharing Can Optimize Team Locker Room Space

The Athletic EdgeTM Joins Sidelines During Ducks Vs. Spartans Game

Why Tape?

Getting Back in the Game: Low-Level Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries

Kinesio Taping Offers Benefits for Patients, Practice

Power Ranking: The 25 Most Impressive Facilities in College Football

Helping Athletes Stay at the Top of Their Game

A "Laser" Focus on Athletic Injuries

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