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Tips to Help Student Athletes Reach Peak Performance

Posted by Athletic Edge on Sep 5, 2017 3:26:44 PM

The Fall sport season is right around the corner! With the start of a new school year and a new sports team, the beginning of the season can be tough. Regardless of what sport is being played, there are many factors that can help student athletes have a great tryout and season, including the four tips outlined below.

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5 Qualities of the Best Athletic Trainers

Posted by Athletic Edge on Aug 23, 2017 3:50:54 PM

Great athletic trainers (ATs) have a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and a desire to expand their knowledge and skills. What makes a truly exceptional athletic trainer? Here are five essential qualities of the best athletic trainers.

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Building a strength and conditioning program

Posted by Athletic Edge on Aug 8, 2017 9:45:22 AM

When we talk about the “state of the industry” of high school athletics, it is virtually impossible to do so without mentioning the strength and conditioning department within the overall athletic umbrella. Much like the structure of a building is dependent on its foundation, a robust athletic program is heavily dependent on the foundation the strength and conditioning department has created.

But where do you start, and how do you go about evaluating your existing program? Will your program fall under the academic umbrella of physical education, or will it exist within the athletic department. Do we hire coaches to train all the teams or do we let each sport’s coach be their teams strength and conditioning coach? 

Here are some guidelines to consider when developing a high school strength and conditioning program.

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Clearing up the term "athletic trainer"

Posted by Athletic Edge on Jul 17, 2017 4:18:21 PM

Athletic trainers are critical. However, the term athletic trainer tends to be misused and misinterpreted. Alyson Footer, a reporter for digs into and clears up the term of  athletic trainer
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Qualified Athletic Trainers Needed at Every High School

Posted by Athletic Edge on Jun 23, 2017 9:05:00 AM

An editorial in the Charleston Daily Mail points out what's missing in high school athletics- enough qualified athletic trainers to make sure that young athletes in particular get seen quickly when they're injured, get the help they need and avoid long-term consequences. 

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Girls Suffer More Overuse Injuries in Teen Sports

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Aug 21, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Overuse injuries are known to be most prevalent in children ages 13 to 17, a time when rapid growth occurs. But a new study from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center advises athletic trainers to take extra caution with teen girls playing sports.

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Better Together: Taping and Laser

Posted by Karen Woodbeck, MS, PT, OCS, ATC, CKTI on Jul 17, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Want to increase stability, reduce pain and stimulate healing in patients with joint and soft tissue pain? You’re right if you say that no one therapy can do all of that. But like many things, two are better than one, and in this case, that’s taping and low-level laser therapy.

Research shows that both taping and laser can enhance the rehabilitation of an injury and produce faster results. And taping when combined with laser increases the efficacy of both modalities. In fact, I almost always will combine laser with taping, and I use this combination in about 70 percent of my patients. Patients who respond well to laser and taping include those who present with a wide variety of orthopedic and sports-related issues, including sprains and strains, mechanical and hypermobility problems, general overuse issues, cramping and pain. 

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After the Cheers, What's Next for Your Athletes?

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Jul 10, 2015 7:00:00 AM

It's a fact: According to the NCAA, only a very small percentage of college athetes go on to professional athletic careers. For the remaining 98 percent of athletes who move on to other careers, the good news is that the hard work they've put in on the field can translate into worthwhile skills, particularly in emerging businesses.

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Immediate Removal of Safety Gear After Injury? Experts Say Yes

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Jul 3, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Injuries on the field? A new standard by the National Athletic Trainers' Association is advising athletic trainers to immediately remove safety equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads when players have been injuried and a spinal cord injury is suspected. 

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"Brains" Talking About Brains: Concussion Conference Promises Results

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Jun 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Leading authorities on brain trauma recently took an unusual step in discussing improvements in the treatment of concussion, one of the most common sports injuries in both amateur and professional athletes: They invited the public to take part in the national discussion.

The recent "Concussion: A National Challenge" conference included members of the public such as entrepreneurs of concussion-related medical technology, medical students, researchers, athletic trainers and anyone with an interest in concussion (the conference was also publicly available via webstream).

The broad scope of the conference also set it apart, focusing on everything from concussion's microscopic effects on the brain to experts on real-life collisions that can lead to head injuries. 

As a result, it's hoped that conferences like these will result in better questions being asked and further collaboration among interested parties, including making an impact nationally with groups such as the NFL and NCAA.

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