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The Next Big Thing in Sports Data: Predicting (and Avoiding) Injuries

Posted by Athletic Edge on Mar 7, 2017 3:05:00 PM

Big data may soon change the way professional sports teams treat injuries. How? By preventing them from ever happening. Brian Kamenetzky of Fast Company explains a new trend in professional sports: technology that examines how a player moves to uncover and correct risky behaviors or imbalances that could lead to injury.

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Preventing ACL Tears: 4 Tips for Girls and Women

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Jul 15, 2016 9:01:31 AM

Women of all ages are constantly pushing their own physical limits and challenging what it means to be a female athlete. But it’s much more common for women to tear their ACL than men. Find out the best ways to keep yourself from getting injured.

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Concussions & Kids- Mind the Signs

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Jul 6, 2016 10:59:08 AM

Head trauma is a major public health concern in the United States, with indirect and direct health-care costs approaching nearly $1 billion annually. Worse, head trauma also can cause short and long-term health problems and, in children, problems with
academics, headaches, and behavioral health issues.

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Report Urges Planning Now to Curb Youth Sports Injuries

Posted by The Athletic Edge on Oct 23, 2014 1:12:00 PM

The road to professional sports begins at a young age, but a recent report points to an alarming gap in sports safety knowledge and practices to help reduce injury risk in young athletes. USA Today’s Michelle Healy reviews what’s happening in high schools across the U.S. and what trainers and coaches can do to help.

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